The Keystone Of  The Great Enterprises

emcbet体育网页 Venture Capital Investment Co.,Ltd was founded by Mr.Xiao Jiancong in September 2007. The founder and his team focus on high-tech venture capital investments for the past 12 years. In 2018, emcbet体育网页 Venture capital was awarded with the top 10 most active private equity investment institutions and the top 50 best venture capital institutions in China. We have 140 employees with rich industrial experience, and two offices in both Beijing and Shenzhen to cover the investments in the whole Mainland China area.

emcbet体育网页 Venture Capital has been being committed to invest 100 top world-class science and technology enterprises. By the end of 2018, emcbet体育网页 Venture Capital has invested 135 enterprises involving in many high-tech sectors like high-end manufacturing, new material, medical equipment, gene detection, semiconductor, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, big data, cloud computing, enterprise services etc. emcbet体育网页 Venture Capital is the shareholders of many reputable enterprises such as Montage Technology, ArcSoft, UBTECH, Insta360, Subblue Underwaterrobot, Makeblock...etc. which are the leading enterprises in their domain. 

emcbet体育网页 Venture Capital has achieved a great social value of Science and Technology. We only invest the enterprises with positive value for society. At the same time, we also keep the value proposition that we won’t sell the future for a short-term profit. Regarding  the founder of enterprise whom we invested, we not only inject funds but also inject the management style of being excellent. We always share our unique management philosophy with our portfolio companies about the ideas “three-high and one-low”--high satisfaction degree from customers, high rate of return for shareholders, high salary income to employees, and low comprehensive cost. And we believe these will define the greatness of enterprise ultimately.



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